Friday, January 7, 2011

Kenner Star Wars Large Size 15" IG-88

This is Kenner's Large Size IG-88 from early 1980. He stands about 15" tall and is scaled to the other figures in the vintage Large Sized line. He was released in an Empire Strikes Back branded box.

IG-88 was the last large-scale figure that Kenner produced when the "Large Sized" line was phasing out as the new decade of the 80s dawned. Consequently, he's the hardest of the large sized figures to find... especially complete.

I've always thought IG-88 was kind of an odd choice to get the sixth-scale treatment in the original Kenner line. In the film (Empire Strikes Back), IG-88 really doesn't do a whole lot... he just kind of stands there and adds an interesting and cool silhouette to the bounty hunter line-up that Vader has assembled. Of course, this is most likely why Kenner chose IG-88 to produce in this scale... he's just plain cool looking... and he's a robot.

I remember seeing this figure on the shelf at our local LaBelle's department store (which subsequently became a different dept. store, then a grocery store, and is currently a Hobby Lobby) back in 1980. The funny thing is, he was always alone. I don't recall ever seeing any other large Star Wars figures on the shelf next to him (I do seem to recall seeing 12" Mego Star Trek The Motion Picture action figures very close by, though.). Maybe being a late release, he shipped by himself... I don't know.

I picked this guy up in the 90's a little bit at a time. I started with the base figure and then added pieces as I found them available. I've found it's fun to collect figures this way, sometimes... "the thrill of the hunt" really comes into play, along with a healthy dose of delayed gratification as the figure slowly comes together.

At any rate, I think he's a great-looking figure. He doesn't have much in the way of articulation, though... swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel wrists, and swivel hips. So, he's not much for posing in front of the camera. Maybe he's just camera shy.

A complete IG-88 should include his bandolier, four red grenades (that attach to the bandolier), and two blaster rifles (one very long one and one shorter one).



    That is minty vintage gold there. IG-88 is such a great droid, and this reeks of assassin droid goodness!

  2. I never knew a large scale IG-88 existed. I love the character though, he was always one of my fave original action figures as a kid.

    But I'm confused: since he has a removable bandoleer, would that make this a robot dolly?

  3. Don't think so, Bubby. Nice try, though.

    What I DID fail to mention in the post is that I never did get IG-88's pants. He had a spectacular pair of bell-bottomed pants that would have made Andy Gibb jealous. Wish I could find a pair...

  4. Very keen of you to remember something as minute as the FACT that yes indeed IG88 did ship alone in the early spring of 1980. Its one of many reasons he didnt sell well. Empire wasnt out yet so us kids couldnt identify him(or with him). Also by the time ol 88 was released,most of the other 12' SW figures were gone so that made it almost impossible to imagine IG as being part of the regular gang. He sat alone on shelves for two years although C3-PO takes the prize for remaining on shelves the longest(1984) in Toys R Us stores.At least,this was the case in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.

  5. Could anyone give me a price for this one, I own it complete and with box, and I'm trying to sell it because I need the cash but I can't find it for sale anywhere on the net and I don't know how much its worth. thanks, email me if you know

  6. I am reveling in the nostalgia brought about by your gorgeous photos. I don't suppose you are permitted to sell them as prints?

  7. Sorry, Lara, I don't sell anything as prints. Thanks so much for stopping by!