Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Critical Assignment Legs

This is the Six Million Dollar Man Criitcal Assignment Legs set from Kenner, produced in 1977. This was another add-on set for the Bionic Man figure... similar to the Critical Assignment Arms set that I've reviewed previously.

Despite Steve Austin's legs being bionic (robotic) in the television show, the Kenner 12" action figure only featured bionics in his right arm. With this set, kids playing with Bionic Man figures everywhere could finally have bionic features in their figures' legs, as well.

This set features two legs (naturally) that both perform unique bionic "actions."

The left leg is an "exploding leg." It features flesh-colored panels that hide the true nature of Steve Austin's powerful appendages. When the appropriate button is pressed, "Pow!!!" the panels explode off the leg. According to the back of the box, this function is to simulate a "bionic malfunction." Ouch.

The right leg features two opening panels. The panel in Steve's thigh opens to reveal wires and bionic circuitry. The panel in his shin provides the necessary tool to perform bionic surgery on Steve's leg, should he need it. It features a small blue hook that aids in pulling the wired panels from Steve's thigh... kind of like a mini Operation game without the lights and buzzer.

This set also features a pair of white shorts. In his regular, red standard-issue pants, it would be difficult to play with the features in Steve's new legs. The shorts allow adequate access to the various parts and panels in the legs. Cool beans.

I didn't have this set, as a kid. I picked this one up close to this past Christmas on Ebay. However, I did have the Critical Assignment Arms as a kid and did always want to add this set to my Six Million Dollar Man. So, it was great to finally add this set to my collection. I still think it's pretty neat that Kenner would produce add-on sets like this that would allow kids to add new features to their figures without having to buy an all-new figure. I guess Kenner really did care. After all, that WAS their slogan.


  1. I loved these as a kid. With leg issues myself, he was my hero. Of course, now I am an adult and I still don't have MY bionics! Doh!

  2. Did Oscar just tell Steve a joke or is he just pulling Steve's leg?

  3. I really need to pick-up a Steve Austin figure someday.

  4. Wings... yeah, it's the 21st Century. We should ALL be running around on bionic legs, for crying out loud.

    Brian B... Good one. I missed the obvious!

    Jboy... Yes, you really do. :)

  5. lol @ Brian B.

    Any rumors of a remake of the $6mil man or Bionic Woman?

  6. Not that I've heard of, Aaron. That would be sweet, though.

  7. Inflation is probably stopping them.

  8. Oh gosh. This is the grandfather of Terminator. I remember this series but I can't seems to recall most of it.

  9. Miramax supposedly had the rights to an update of SMDM, but it's been shortcircuited. The bionic podcast "Cyborg" reviews each episode of SMDM and will cover all 100 episodes over the next few years.