Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mego 8" Planet of the Apes Cornelius

Before Star Wars...before Star Trek movies...before just about every popular sci-fi film series that we enjoy today, there was the Planet of the Apes.

To many kids in the late sixties and early seventies, the Planet of the Apes films were a BIG DEAL. So much so, that it seems that Planet of the Apes does not enjoy the type of residual popularity today that, perhaps, it should. The film series was released from 1968 to 1973 and comprised 5 films. A television series followed in 1974. An animated series also followed not long after in 1975. The Planet of the Apes franchise also involved one of the biggest merchandising promotions ever. More so than any other film series to date. Lunch boxes, trading cards, books, records, board games, costumes, model kits, trash cans, toys, and many other items were produced in celebration of the franchise.

Mego started producing Planet of the Apes figures in 1974...just about the time the films were winding down and the television series was starting. Mego's first wave of figures included 5 characters. This figure was one of those five... Cornelius.

Cornelius, the chimpanzee, was played by actor Roddy McDowall. McDowall also played several other chimpanzee characters in the Apes films and even a character in the television series, Galen. Galen looked identical to the Cornelius character from the films. Consequently, Mego also released the Cornelius figure under the new name, Galen, for a later wave of the Apes figures.

Cornelius should have his brown moccasins, fur-cuffed tunic, and pants. No other accessories were included. It should also be noted that the Ape characters from this line also had hands sculpted to look hairy.

Mego's Planet of the Apes action figure line was exceptional. Mego, in most cases, took great care to produce great head sculpts and detailed costumes for the POTA figures...more so than many of their other lines. Over time, I'll be covering the entire Mego Planet of the Apes action figure line.

The picture's not blurry. Your overwhelming excitement for Mego's Planet of the Apes will no longer allow your retinas to focus.


  1. The movies scared me but I loved it.

    We watched the TV show faithfully and played Planet of the Apes instead of army from then on.

    I was watching mythbusters this weekend and Tori had a Cornelius T-shirt on. I thought I bet Brian has one of those.

  2. I'm looking forward to more Apes posts, I never had the Mego Apes as a kid, but that's all going to change with the EMCE Apes! I already have the soldier!

  3. Yeah, the Emce Apes are fantastic. Almost perfect recreations. I thought I'd do some comparison photos of the Emces next to the vintage Apes.

    I've got lots of vintage Mego Apes posts planned...just need to find the time.

  4. ust got 2 of these pota emce there great!

  5. I know planet of the apes was a huge deal back then, and I've seen the movies myself, but i don't know why i don't see why it was such a big fuzz. Yes it has a very original idea but still.

  6. Cornelius has the appearance of the classic miscellaneous of that world. He looks so stupid, but everybody know he is the smartest ape across all the world.

  7. Ya know, it's funny how seeing pics of these evokes so many vivid memories I thought were forgotten. I remember my cousin who lived in Baltimore had EVERY SINGLE planet of the apes figure that they EVER came out with from back then! I always envied him for it. I recently gave him a call and asked him if he still had them. To my dismay I found out his mother gave every one of them to good will back in the early 90's. :(