Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1975 Evel Knievel Brochure

This is a scan of an Evel Knievel toy brochure from 1975.  Unfortunately, it has aged and it was tough to get a scan without the backside showing through.  At any rate, it's still fun to see these kinds of vintage promotional materials.  This brochure was packed with the toys for a period of time.

Most of the content of this site will be "features" that showcase a specific toy but I thought it would be fun to post little "bonuses" like this that might relate to a featured toy.


  1. I don't remember most of these.

    The van and the stadium I remember.

    Wasn't there a wheelie car?

    Where did you get this brochure anyway?

  2. There was a funny car released later that isn't pictured here. That may be what you are thinking about. I think it had braces in the back to keep it from flipping over. I'll have to check.

    I picked this up on ebay a few years ago. I know they packed them with some of the toys for awhile, though.

  3. I have a white "Fast Tracker/Wheelie Car". On the underside it has 1975 Ideal Toy Corp. Hollis N.Y. "Pat. Pend." can you tell me more about it?
    Can you email me at sbissman@lhup.edu.