Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kenner Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Toy Brochure #2

This is another pack-in toy brochure from 1981. These usually came with the bigger toys like vehicles, playsets, and larger figures. I was always excited to find a new one of these in the box. I used to pour over these little brochures as it was almost the only way to know what other toys were available or were being released soon. Notice the upside-down Tie Fighter.

More vintage 12" Star Wars and other vintage toy reviews coming soon.


  1. Not only is that a picture of the rare upside down tie fighter, but there is also a shot of the really rare "I gotta pee AT-AT"!

  2. I was unbelievably spoiled with the volume of Star Wars toys I had (thanks, mom and dad) but some of the items in this catalog still bring back the "holy grail" feeling of longing for the ones I never had. The AT-AT, the Slave-One... my friend Kevin had both, which led to many visits to his house.

    Page two shows an Ugnaught figure. I have never, ever, ever seen one. Did Kenny actually produce them?

  3. Kenner. Obviously Kenny did not produce an Ugnaught.