Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mego 8" Planet of the Apes General Urko

Okay...I'm going to get through all these dang dirty apes if it takes me several months. I promised myself that I'd get through all the Mego apes in a reasonable amount of time... and I've failed. So, onward!! I'll do the best I can. Just a few more to go and then I'll move on to some other 70s toy goodness... like more large-size Star Wars.

This is the other ape general. I knew him as General Urko, as a kid. You may know him as General Ursus. His package variations, back in the day, used both names. Go figure.

This General was a hard "sell" to my parents. I never did get him as a kid. He looked too much like the previously released Soldier Ape for my parents' taste. They did have a point. However, he was different enough that I wanted him and envied those that did have him. There was something cool about his face sculpt that I really liked. Although, not screen-accurate, he was much closer looking to the apes in the movies and TV show than the first gorilla soldier ape we got from Mego. He looked menacing to me... maybe it was the knife.

A complete General Urko should include his tunic with attached cuffs (although, some variations of this figure were packaged with the original soldier ape tunic and separate "mittens"), pants, black split-toe general boots, bandolier with knife holder, knife, and M16 rifle (with brown string).

I've always viewed this guy as one of the "newer" Mego apes since he was released after the TV show started airing. That was over 35 years ago. Man, I'm getting old.


  1. Yay! More dollies! I don't care what you call yourself (or this supposed "son" of yours ;) ) - just as long as you keep posting these great dolly pictures.

    And one of these days you simply MUST slip one of these bad boys into that pink Corvette I know you have lying around :D

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for the reviews of these wonderful 70s toys. I really enjoy reading them (and great pictures, too).

    I gave you a blog award. You can read about it on my blog here --

  3. Thanks very much, Erick!! I'm honored. I really, really appreciate it!!