Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remco Star Trek Phaser

This is just a quick follow-up post to my garage finds post back in August. I had mentioned that we had a Star Trek phaser that shot disks but didn't know what had happened to it. A couple of weeks later, my Mom stopped by with a few more little things that she and my Dad had found. Lo and behold, there was the Star Trek phaser. No big deal... just thought I'd throw it on here.

It's made by Remco and is dated 1976. This was a time when there really weren't any active movie or television properties associated with Star Trek running. However, Star Trek toys were made throughout the 70s, even when there wasn't a show to promote.


  1. I love this toy. A friend of mine and I were discussing it, and he pointed out that it wasn't very accurate looking -- especially with the words "Star Trek" molded into the side. But as far as I'm concerned, that's what makes it so cool. The lack of accuracy reads to me as "abstraction." It's an interpretation. To me, this makes it a toy, not a replica. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a lot more fun and exciting!

    Did this shoot those little discs that are fired from those guns that you can still find today? If so, have you tested it out? Does it work?

    Great find. Congratulations. And congratulations on have parents cool enough to hold on to your old toys!

  2. Hey, Doc,

    I'm not sure if it still shoots. It seems like it would as the mechanism seems to act properly when the trigger is pulled. It used to shoot these discs:

    Where can you find these today? I'd love to pick some up. I've got another gun that shoots these, too.

    I agree on the accuracy thing. There's something about an item that was meant, first and foremost, to be a toy. It's funny, though, I remember thinking this was so exact back when it came out. Almost nothing produced was very screen accurate, then. We're lucky it was shaped like a phaser, at all. :)

  3. Those discs are pretty common on eBay, though you might have to buy a toy gun to get them. Here are a couple quick auctions I was able to dig up:

    Two boxes o' ammo. Only 19 hours to go on this one:

    Ammo and gun:

    Gun with a few discs:

    And in the "Funny you should say that 'we're lucky it was shaped like a phase at all' department":

  4. Thanks, Doc!!

    I was pretty sure that the gun from a previous post was Star Trek branded...even though it wasn't based on a prop.

    This confirms it.

  5. I never had any Star Trek toys but we did have a cassette recorder that we used as a tricorder though.

  6. Is this the phaser that also came with a tricorder and communicator that could all be worn on a utility belt (complete with Star Trek buckle)?

  7. I believe I said this before, but here i go again.. How lucky are you to have dads that kept all (or most) toys from your childhood... that's just lucky

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