Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tagged: My Top Ten TV Shows of the 70's

I've been tagged by Brian at What My Dad Saw to list my favorite TV shows of the 70's. This is the order I probably would have listed them in as a kid.

1)The Six Million Dollar Man

I couldn't wait to see what adventure Steve was involved in next. I would have given my right arm to be bionic like Steve. Also... Bigfoot. The greatest bionic man-ape ever!

2) Batman

We never seemed to have the right channels for me to see Batman very regularly. So, it was always a bit of a "holy grail" for me as a kid... constantly trying to catch an episode here and there at friends' houses. I love pretty much all incarnations of Batman and this classic is no exception.

3)Planet of the Apes

This show, unfortunately didn't last very long. I think it only ran for about 13 episodes. It made a lasting impression on me, though. It was so cool to see a new episode each week right in the middle of the early 70's "ape mania." The opening credits scared the tar out of me when the ape on the horseback raised his rifle. I just knew he was going to find me hiding in the brush.

4)The Incredible Hulk

The "wanted man" type of storyline boosted this one into being more than just a slugfest each week. The music in the end credits just tears your heart out.

5)Wonder Woman

I just thought it was a blast to see another comic book character brought to life. As a child, I was oblivious to certain attributes that Lynda Carter brought to the role. Lynda Carter IS Wonder Woman...end of story.

6) The Muppet Show

This show was really well done. It was always funny and they had great guest stars like Mark Hamill and Alice Cooper. No wonder it still has such a huge following.

7) Fantasy Island

Mr. Rourke was the man! ...and he always managed to teach his guests something about themselves that they needed to learn. So, in a way, Rourke was a bit like a therapist...with a giant, magical island for a couch.

8)Happy Days

Fonzie. Do I really need to say anything else?

9)Welcome Back Kotter

Sweathogs and chalkboards. I always loved the theme song to this show. Travolta will always be Barbarino to me.  "Up your nose with a rubber hose."...pure poetry.

10)Charlies Angels

Farrah was a HUGE phenomenon when this show aired. I always loved the beginning with the exciting music and Charlie voice-over introducing each angel. Did anyone else notice that all three angels were both tough AND beautiful?

Honorable Mentions: The Bionic Woman, Logan's Run, The Electric Company (Spiderman!), The Donny and Marie Show


  1. You have several that I wanted to mention.

    Thanks for playing.

    Best line:

    "I would have given my right arm to be bionic like Steve." Both legs and and eye too I bet.

  2. Wow - Great list! Many I would have, as well. I wanted to be bionic too!!!

  3. I will have to agree with most of this shows. But in my particular case I would have to say that in my eyes #1 will always be The Incredible Hulk, followed very closely by The Muppets.

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  4. Planet of the Apes <3