Friday, May 22, 2009

Almost Vintage: Mattel Hot Wheels 1966 TV Batmobile 1/18 Scale

Occasionally, I'm going to feature a toy that is from the current era but is something that is in the spirit of a toy from the 1970s. It may be an actual replica of a 70s toy (like Megos or Evel Knievel) or it may just be something that is very similar to something we had in the 70s. At other times, it may be a current toy based on a film or television show from the 70s.

Today is such an occasion. This is the Mattel Hot Wheels 1/18 scale 1966 TV Batmobile. Sure, this car is technically from the 60s but it's popularity carried it far into the 70s (and into today) and many kids of the 70s played with a toy version of this car in one form or another. In a big way, this diecast model is the spiritual successor to Corgi's original diecast metal Batmobile from the late 60's and 1970s.

Now, Hot Wheels is giving us the ultimate die-cast version of this classic car (I believe this was released in 2008...maybe 2007). Hot Wheels released three different versions of the 1966 TV Batmobile in 1/18 scale: the basic edition (pictured in this post), the Elite (more detail, opening hood and trunk), and the Super Elite (even more detail, etc.). The Elite and Super Elite come with higher price tags and are suited for the more particular Batman or diecast collector.

For my money, the standard edition is just fine and comes with enough quality and detail to satisfy my need for having a version of this car on my shelf. The doors open and close and the front wheels turn with the steering wheel.

This is a great pre-built diecast model and I can't recommend it highly enough for the Batman or TV Batmobile fan.


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I waited decades for a release like this and I agree, Hot Wheels did a top notch job!

  2. Ha! I know. I was beginning to think that I'd never see official toys of this car again within my lifetime. When Hot Wheels announced that they had the license, I still had a "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of attitude.

    They've delivered on all fronts.

  3. How "big" is this?

    Can a Mego figure ride in it?

  4. It's not quite that big. It's about a foot long. I would say that it's just slightly bigger than the Johnny Lightning Diecast model (the one in the box) on your Bat-shelf that you showed in one of your posts on WMDS.

    HotWheels also did the Keatonmobile and Tumbler in this scale.

    Actually, it looks very much in scale with the DC Infinite Heroes 3 3/4" figures. Although, they don't fit inside. The car's interior is a bit too cramped.

  5. Batman must have his leg room.

  6. This is the true Bat-mobile, I believe that this is the only good thing that TV show had. From all the bad acting and lack of respect for the character the bat-mobile is the very best thing out of it, oh and The Joker as well.

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  7. I have three of these, one of which had the body lowered by a gentleman from Pimp my Batmobile. It is now a lowrider similar to one of the cars on the original show. Look's very cool, does nyone know of someone who does mods?